Let My People Vote

 As the Governorship elections in Ondo state (Southern Nigeria )draws close,it is the hope of genuinely patriotic Nigerians that  INEC the electoral commission and all the  political parties would be bold enough to allow the voice and vote of the people reign.This country has witnessed unnecessary violence and wanton destruction of property,just because some unscrupulous elements believe that occupying any and all political offices in the land is their birthright.

This specie of narrow-minded politicians follow an all too common pattern:they seize political power by he instrumentality of thuggery,appoint  like-minded goons into office,loot the treasury,transfer the stolen monies to offshore accounts (destination is usually,but not limited to Switzerland,Luxembourg,Canary Islands),appear on television to speak tonnes of lies to the people.

While the world makes progress, the uncanny activities of these ignoble politicians and their collaborators has ensured that the country remains in reverse gear.

The people of Ondo state have another opportunity on the 20th of October 2012 to determine their future.Here’s hoping that INEC and the political parties will allow the wishes and desires of the people reign.



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