Imagine if Nelson Mandela was the President of Nigeria, and Julius Nyerere was his vice.

Imagine if the Swiss government would return all the monies stolen by African leaders to their respective countries; after all, the keeper and custodian of stolen goods is also a thief .

Imagine if Shell  Petroleum Development Company would become responsible and clean and return Ogoni land in Nigeria to what it should really be.

Imagine if Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala was the President of the  world bank.

Imagine if Aung San Suu Kyi  becomes President of Myanmar (Burma).

Imagine if the FARC rebels would drop arms and join hands to build Columbia

Imagine if the Government of Isreal would accept the two state solution: God also loves the Palestinians .

Imagine if President Goodluck Johnathan of Nigeria had the boldness to punish all corrupt government officials and oil thieves.

Imagine if Ghaddaffi  left Libya when he had the time and opportunity to do so.

Imagine if the people of Greece woke up in the morning to discover that the crisis in the Greek economy was just a nightmare, a bad dream upon their bed.

Imagine if the Kim dynasty in North Korea would realize that the Manchurian war ended  years ago and that the reunification of the Koreas is the desire of the majority.

Imagine if NEMA (Nigerian Emergency Management Agency) would realise that management of emergency is beyond distributing rice and mattresses.

Imagine if the Nigerian electorate decided to use their power of recall on members of the Nigerian National Assembly.

Imagine if Vladmir Putin of Russia would realize  that the position of President only occurs in a democracy, and that in a democracy, the vote and voice of the people is what matter: Pussy riot should never have gone to jail.

Imagine if the US government would just get off the back of Julian  Assange

Imagine if the Aborigines in Australia are treated with all the respect they  truely deserve.

Imagine if Bashir Al Assad would sit back and learn from Saddam Hussein(Iraq),Moamar Ghaddafi (Libya) and Abudulahi wade (Senegal);do not push your luck against the will of the people.

Imagine what would happen to Nigeria and other OPEC  countries if Europe and the US  succeed in discovering and finally decide to use energy solely from sustainable  sources and not fossil fuel.

Imagine if Robert Mogabe of Zimbabwe would just wake up to the fact that the position of President is not his birthright.

Imagine if the Castro brothers in Cuba would realise that the cold war is over and the net effect of their revolution is the hindrance of progress in Cuba.

Imagine if Boko Haram and other Jihadist would realise that if God is truely  God, He does not need mere men to fight his cause. If He does then he is just an idol, simply deaf and dumb.



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